Swimming / Sunbathing / Beach Rentals

Swimming / Sunbathing/ Beach Rentals

Swimming at the BeachOfficial swimming areas have been designated for the Alder, Coligny, Driessen, Folly Field, and Islanders beaches. The boundaries of these areas will be clearly marked on the beach and in the water.

During the beach season, lifeguards are stationed in each of the designated swimming areas and other heavily populated beach areas for assistance and beach information. Please ask a lifeguard before entering the water if the yellow caution flag is flying.

One thing that makes Hilton Head Island so great for vacationing families is the relatively calm waves so everyone can enjoy playing in the ocean. Because of our tides often the beach is left with great pools of shallow water, perfect for the youngest members of the family.

Sunbathing by the OceanOf course one reason many people come to the beach is to catch some rays. There is no better spot than on Hilton Head Island. Please take precautions to prevent sunburn. Be sure and bring the proper SPF along for you and the little ones. Buy or rent an umbrella and bring hats and shirts to give your body a break from the suns penetrating rays. Be sure and bring plenty of liquids to keep everyone hydrated during their time on the beach. Salt water can be very dehydrating for everyone, and with the sun beating down in August heat stroke can be a real possibility. Enjoy the sun, sand and the surf, but be sure to do it responsibly.

You can bring your own chairs, umbrellas and mats, or let Shore Beach Service provide them for you. They offer these and many other types of rental equipment such as: body boards, aqua cycles, fun cycles, banana peels, paddle skis, and sailboats. Equipment rentals can be found at numerous locations up and down the beach. To rent equipment, find a lifeguard at one of these locations and if you have further questions regarding locations, rates, and other services please call:

Shore Beach Services

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