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Surfing, Boogie and Skim Boarding

Boogie Boarding on Hilton HeadWhile not known for great surfing due to the wide continental shelf off of the barrier island, Hilton Head does have places to surf. The best time of the year to surf is from late August to December. Prime conditions occur during off-shore hurricanes, but beware of storms that are close to shore because the surf gets dangerously high and the conditions too windy. The best time of day for catching waves is mid-to high-tide, when the southerly, southeastern, eastern or northeastern winds provide wind, waves and chop.

Burkes Beach and Folly Field Beach are area that many surfers seek out because the beach isn't as crowded and it is near The Folly. Be aware of stingrays in the spring and jellyfish in the summer; lifeguards will put out warning flags if these conditions exist.
Although not everyone can surf they can certainly boogie board and any beach with waves can provide hours of fun. Swimmers need to watch out for the tide and surf conditions. Rip currents can test even the best swimmers. Boogie Boards are available for sale all over the island; local supermarkets, Wal-Mart, and those specialty shops that sell skim boards and surf wear will sell boogie boards as well.

Hilton Head SurfingLooking for the best place to skim board? Then try Hilton Head Island. While the beaches lack the huge waves that let you get some air under your board, The Island does have the flattest beaches you could ask for. When the waves wash up on the beach there is a 1 to 4 inch water depth for a good 30 seconds before the next wave rushes in....perfect for working on spins. However, the beach does get steep during high tide so the best time to skim board year round is at low tide.

If you have never surfed or used a skim board and want to learn, contact these businesses for all your needs:

Palmetto Dunes Outfitters
80 Queen's Folly Road (Palmetto Dunes)
843 -785-2449

Sunny Daze Surf Factory 
155 William Hilton Pkwy (North End)

Outside Hilton Head
Shelter Cove Plaza (across from Palmetto Dunes
843- 686-6996

The Kickin' Gator T-Shirt Factory and Surf Shop
Heritage Plaza (South End)

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