Real Estate Suggestions

Oceanfront & Waterfront Real Estate Estate Suggestions 
Before you buy a home or villa on Hilton Head Island, you need to do your homework and to know why you want to buy.

  • Are you buying your property to live in it, as a second home, for your retirement or is it strictly an investment?
  • If you are buying it as an investment are you going to want to rent your property?
  • Do you prefer a home or villa?
  • What kind of view do you want? Oceanfront, lagoon, marsh, or possibly golf is better suited to your taste.
  • How much can you spend?

You need to choose a Real Estate agent that is best able to provide you with the help you need. You need to work with someone who can explain the facts about the Island and has experience and knowledge of Hilton Head Island and its real estate market. Please visit our affiliate site at for more information.