Sea Pines Beaches

Sea Pines Beaches

South Beach
At the "toe" of the island near the South Beach Marina in Sea Pines Plantation is the Calibogue beach. There is no public parking, so walking or biking will be necessary. There are two characteristics of this beach area that are of interest: at high tide there is little or no beach; and tidal currents will move you up or down the beach depending on flow. There are no amenities here. Otherwise, this is a pleasant and uncrowded area where dolphins and other wildlife abound.

Tower Beach
Tower Beach is located in Sea Pines Plantation on the Atlantic Ocean. This beach is intended for use by property owners, and parking is restricted to property owners, though it is otherwise accessible to anyone by bicycle or on foot. It provides restrooms, water fountains, and a picnic area with barbeque grills.

Sea Pines Beach Club
This beach is also in Sea Pines Plantation on the Atlantic Ocean. It offers many amenities such as restrooms, food service, a bar, picnic tables, showers, entertainment and activities for children (seasonal). It is attended by lifeguards and has some parking, which fills up quickly in season.

The Sea Pines trolley provides transportation to the Beach Club from the Greenwood Drive parking lot, Harbour Town and other locations. This beach is available to anyone staying in Sea Pines or who pays the $6.00 entry fee at the gate.

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